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Post by Star on Wed Feb 25, 2009 12:17 am

Since LoveStory is shutting down soon, I might as well write this, although no one reads the forums. It's been nice working as a GM in LoveStory. I've been working as a GM since DestinyMS' change to LoveStory. I've met alot of nice and cool people, and not so great ones. Becoming a GM in LoveStory helped me gain more experience as a GM and it was really fun^^. I hope you guys have fun in different server's and make new friends. I've met new people in this server like Jeff, Max, Serenity, Serena, Thanh, Charlie, Jordan, Jason, Carrie, Kayla, and more. You guys are one of the best people to hang out with. You guys know how to make a person laugh xD. Maybe LoveStory will reopen later and we can all meet up again[x I'll be in a different server. TardMS[v.62] Alright, bye guys. It's been nice meeting you all and working with you.

~ Star / Nick

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