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Post by yupkimmm on Mon Feb 09, 2009 10:50 pm

Name: [Your full name, and any nicknames you would prefer to be called by].
Nickname; KimChi

Age: [How old are you? Birthday?]
January 8

Location/Timezone: [Where do you live? What time zone?]

Time spent online:Applying for: [Applying for Forum Moderator, In-Game GM, GFX, Coder, or GM Assistant].

LoveStory in-game name(s) (If any): [What is your ign?]

Reason to join the team: [Why should we choose you? What does being the job you are applying for mean to you?]
You guys should choose me, kuhs I guess I can help you guys w/ game problems. I can tell other people what's going on in the game and such. Being a Gm would mean a lot to me, although I don't have quite that much experience, but I can learn to be a Gm and getting better everyday.

Experience(s): [How experienced are you? What do you know how to do? If you were a GM on another server, please tell name and show some proof].
Hmmm. Well, I wasn't a Gm for any servers. So...
But I can show you guys one of my mmvs?
Umm, youtube yeahyeahkimmy

Contact information (Email/AIM/MSN): [Where the team could contact you if you are likely accepted].
Email; yupkimmm@yahoo.com
Msn; yupkimmm@hotmail.com
Aim; yupkimmm or x3domokim

Personal Information/Hobbies (Optional): [Stuff you like to do, do daily, blah].
I love to watch korean dramas/taiwanese dramas.
I photoshop, when I'm not lazy.

Last words:[Stuff you would like to say that wasn't or couldn't be mentioned above].
If I don't make Gm ( most likely I won't ), I'll still like LoveStory.
It's the besttttt <3.


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