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LoveStory Administration Positions Empty LoveStory Administration Positions

Post by -Serenity- on Tue Feb 10, 2009 4:00 pm

This will answer most of the questions & explains what each spot is about.

  • Admin: Administrates the server. Controls server & other staff.
    Spot is filled by either me or Max [Spot is not open for applicants]

  • Co-Admin: Helps administrate & control when admins aren't online.
    Spot is filled by Serena [Spot Not Open]

  • Head GM: Directs GM(s) in the way of doing things.
    Spot is filled by Vivi [Spot Not Open]

  • In-Game GM: Helps out by banning hackers, finding any glitches, & start events when necessary
    Spot is filled by Jun, Jeff, Nick, & Jason [Spots open nao: 0]

  • Coder: Codes server stuff.
    Spot is filled by Anthony [Spots open nao: 0-1]

  • GFX: Graphics editor, edits the website/forum looks & layouts.
    Spot is filled by either me or Max [Spots open nao: 1]

  • Forum Moderator: Moderates forums, deletes unnecessary posts, answers questions & etc.
    Spot is filled by "ALL GMs" (if they want to moderate, just ask me) [Spots open nao: 2-5]

[Spot Not Open]=it will never be open so don't need to post an application on it.

[Spots open nao: 0]= Currently no spots open but yu may post an application if yu want & we will put yu in consideration for any spots open later.

[Spots open nao: 1+]= Spots are open! Post yur application if yu want to fill in for that job!

[Spots open nao: 0-1]=Spots are open but we might not really need it. But we also might!;3

-Best of luck applicants!- x]

-Lubya, Serenity~Serentastic-
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