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Post by Iamwatchingyou on Mon Feb 16, 2009 12:15 am

Name: Cerise Renee Arbour (I'd like to be called Bob in game if you please :3)

Age: 14, 06/07

Location/Timezone: Canada, central time.

Time spent Online: 6-9 hours on weekdays. 8 hours on weekends.

Applying for: GM

LoveStory In-game name(s): iBobchux3

Reason to join the team: Well, i noticed that some of the GMs arent active and some always can't be there because of Work, school, projects, etc etc. And i would like to help out.
What does the job mean to me? It Means Power to me, a responsibility to me.
Its true that its fun to have Power such as a GM. but it means that you have duty to get rid of hackers.

Experience(s):I have little experience as GM, but i know most of the commands. Ive have experience on a closed down server, RamenKing, and MvO. Currently a Gm On Xena, but soon to quit that server and full time play Lovestory. I held Events before.

Contact Information: Email(s): my-hime-girl@live.com (ill pm you my other email)

Personal Information/Hobbies: Flash Animation, Iceskating, and Eating. xD

Last words: Ahh well, ive noticed that theres not many events that go on in Lovestory so i was thinking if i were chosen i would Try to make the server fun by proving Players with Multi Events. I have Many ideas stocked up in my brain at the moment ( o.o )
But uhm so yeah. Good Luck in deciding.
Ps: I cant give you evidence that i was a gm, considering that my computer got wiped 2 months ago and still recovering from it, Xena ms is down, and i never really thought about taking ss, so Its like that.
Im so sorry that i cant provide any pictures!


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Post by ilikecandy13 on Thu Sep 03, 2009 10:50 pm

hey!!! I KNOW U, You might remember me from DesuMs X_X


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