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Post by thelegendxd on Sun Feb 22, 2009 10:16 am

My Name Is:Tommy Born On Janurary 01, 1986

butI usually play 2-3 hours but i sometimes play 2-4hours

I Live in California, Orange County, Pacific Ocean.

I am Applying for GM

u should choose me because i will be responsible for what i do. and i will have lots of actions for this server.This Job Means a lot to me because i wil be helping out this server and helping out should be fun =]

Well, i haven't been a GM But i have seen how other gm's have act about their jobs

U can contact me by, Or By Aim:xSorenKid

And it would be Very exciting about being a gm.

And My Character Name is..:RainBow =]


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