HeyItsJordan's GM / Helper application :]

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HeyItsJordan's GM / Helper application :] Empty HeyItsJordan's GM / Helper application :]

Post by HeyItsJordan on Mon Feb 23, 2009 10:49 pm

Name: [Your full name, and any nicknames you would prefer to be called by].
-Jordan Serrano .

Age: [How old are you? Birthday?]
-13 , August 30th .

Location/Timezone: [Where do you live? What time zone?]
-United States , Las Vegas , Nevada . (PST)

Time spent online:Applying for: [Applying for Forum Moderator, In-Game GM, GFX, Coder, or GM Assistant].
-I'm applying for In-Game GM or GM Assistant

LoveStory in-game name(s) (If any): [What is your ign?]
-HeyItsJordan .

Reason to join the team: [Why should we choose you? What does being the job you are applying for mean to you?]
-I will ban the hackers that are hacking and ruining the game for the other legitimate players. I will ban/temporary ban the players that are harassing and causing players trouble. I can do my best to help out all of the players in need, and make this server, the best it can be!

Experience(s): [How experienced are you? What do you know how to do? If you were a GM on another server, please tell name and show some proof].
-I have some GM experience , I've been GM 5 times now , on 1 sucessful server , and in 2 unkwon server , 3 with hamachi , and the other doesn't . The servers I was on were GoSuMs and KingKongMs . Woot Woot now I'm a SuperGM in two more server :] . And I'm currently a GM on Emostory ( EmOkiNg's server ) . On his server I been Gm for a couple of days . On GoSu I was GM until they shut down , Level 4 GM . And I quit on Kingkong because no one was really on it , and it got really boring being the only person online . xD And now in AkonMs and in SensayMs both lv 4 GM's Ummm , I can't possibly name all of them, but I know lots of the commands still learning and I've been practicing them .

Current Codes I know :
!Spawn <NPC or Mob Code>
!Spawn <Mob Code> <Amout Of the Mob> <HP> <Exp>
!SetAll <Amount For Ap>
!Warp <Player Name> (Warps to player)
!Warp <Player Name> <Map Location>
!mesos <Amount Of Mesos>
!sp <Amount of SP>
!ap <Amount of AP>
!job <Job Code>
!map <Map Code>
!item <Item Code>
!drop <Item Code>
!level <Level You Want>
!notice <What you want to say for notice>
!say <What you want to say out loud>
!servermessage <Message>
!notice nv
!jail <charname>
!jail 2 <charname>
!clock <seconds>

Most commands work on different servers .

And I also not a whole bunch of Id's and I'm not gonna post cause theres to much . xD

Proof :
Emostory .
HeyItsJordan's GM / Helper application :] Maple0001-1
AkonMs , First minute on the Job :]
HeyItsJordan's GM / Helper application :] Maple0000-2

Thats all the proof I have xD

Contact information (Email/AIM/MSN): [Where the team could contact you if you are likely accepted].

Personal Information/Hobbies (Optional): [Stuff you like to do, do daily, blah].
-I Krump .
-I'm Full Filipino , Not Asian , a Pacific Islander . :]
-Nikes and Vans .

Last words:[Stuff you would like to say that wasn't or couldn't be mentioned above].
-I know I got banned the last time I applied . But I stopped Hacking and I hope you guys please don't use that against me .

An old question ,but yeah ...

What does being a GM mean to you:
-Well I have to state the obvious about what all people who are GM’s can do. Most of the examples are banning hackers/ glitch abusers, holding events, warning/jailing people who avatar smega and helping out people with questions. I have a lot of crazy event ideas but that’s not what GM’s are about. They are there to help community and make it as enjoyable for everyone. If I was a GM I would still want to be treated like a normal player. Because most people who turn into GM’s think there all powerful and can do whatever they want, but one wrong move and you can be fired from the GM team . But Being a GM to me , means that you must fulfill your job by banning hackers/cheaters/scammers, and helping out the community of the server. Being a GM is a big responsibility, and you must keep the ability to do your job . If I get chosen I'll show you that I can do it .

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HeyItsJordan's GM / Helper application :] Empty Re: HeyItsJordan's GM / Helper application :]

Post by [Alex] on Sat Feb 28, 2009 3:55 pm

Cool. GL

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