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Post by Sexy on Thu Jan 22, 2009 3:19 pm

Real life name/Name you want to be called by: Ashley Ann Ditmer, but call me Ashley.

Age: 14 (almost 15 <3)

Location/Timezone: Texas, GMT -6 AKA CST.

Time spent online: I spend about 15 hours online a day.

Applying for: (In-game GM/Forum Moderator/Web Desginer/Coder): In-Game GM [:

LoveStory in-game name(s) (If any): Secksy

Reason to join the team/Why you should be chosen: I will ban the hackers that are hacking and ruining the game for the other legitimate players. I will ban/temporary ban the players that are harassing and causing players trouble. I can do my best to help out all of the players in need, and make this server, the best it can be!

What does being a GM mean to you:Being a GM to me, means that you must fulfill your job by banning hackers/cheaters/scammers, and helping out the community of the server. Being a GM is a big responsibility, and you must keep the ability to do your job.

Experience (Show work if designer/coder, list servers if GM and prove it):I have some GM experience, I've been a GM in many successful servers such as LethalMS,BetrayalMS,MapleDesires, and a part time GM in LocalMS (yes, the 2nd private server ever) until I retired in LocalMS. I cant possibly name all of them, but I know lots of the commands and have some experience. Unfortunately, I cannot prove it to you, as they have shutdown, most of them by Nexon, and some of them because lack of donations, but I will say this, If you don't believe me that I was a GM in these servers, it's fine because I haven't any trust from you guys yet, and it's your decision to believe me.

Contact information (Email/AIM/MSN):
Email: evaneva3@hotmail.com
AIM: evaneva4
MSN: evaneva3@hotmail.com
(yeah yeah, it sounds a little weird, but these were my brothers, and I cant make a new one, cuz I would lose like 1000 friends on MSN and aim ]: )

Personal information/Hobbies (Optional):
1. I have sleeping medicine, and so I sometimes won't be on at night for me but I skip sometimes so I can stay up.
2. I'm a nice person but, I can get mad if you make fun of me or my brothers.
3. I used to curse a lot and nowadays I only curse when I am mad or when we all know it's just a joke.
My hobbies are...
1. TV
2. LoveStory <3
3. Listening to music
4. chatting with friends

Last words:
Thank you if you happen to choose me, I will do my best to do my job, and complete your expectations.


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Post by Blank on Thu Jan 22, 2009 4:06 pm

WOAH! Very Long... Seems good soo GL. Very Happy

- Blank.
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