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Post by bunny1 on Thu Jan 22, 2009 11:56 pm

Real life name/Name you want to be called by:BabyNitex33,Nite Or Baby =D

Age:12(i noe i young)

Location/Timezone:Singapore (GMT+Cool

Time spent online:Abt 10hr+if free ,not free abt 7hrs

Applying for: (In-game GM/Forum Moderator/Web Desginer/Coder):In-Game GM

LoveStory in-game name(s) (If any):Baby Or Nite Or Bob2 tats Wad Pikachu call me -.-!

Reason to join the team/Why you should be chosen:i Wan To Join The Team As I Hate Hackers They Ruin Other Normal Player Fun With Their High Dmg Hacks I Will Ban Anyone Who Hacks For eg:Dmg Hacks.Why Should I Be Chosen:I Wan To Gm To Help LoveStory Get More Players And Ban Those Useless Hacker Some Ppl Want To Be Gm Only So They Can Show Off Their Power When Their Friends Come Their Home They Can Show Off Their Power And They Will Start To Abuse Their Gm Power.

What does being a GM mean to you:GM means A Big Position For Me And I Can Help Those New Ppl When Their Need Help to Find Item i Will Tell Them Where To get Them =D
Experience (Show work if designer/coder, list servers if GM and prove it):Not any yet

Contact information (Email/AIM/MSN)

Personal information/Hobbies (Optional):Im 12 And Im tall =D 175 Live In Sg Greenwood Primary,My Hobbies Are Playing Badminton Playing Maple And Helping Ppl.

Last words:err i lyk badminton <3dear =D


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BabyNitex33 App=D Empty Re: BabyNitex33 App=D

Post by Blank on Sat Feb 07, 2009 9:37 pm

o-o. Ur 1st post is a GM app. Try to contribute more on forums before u post an app.
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