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Post by S3xyLeafx on Fri Jan 23, 2009 2:08 pm

Hey wat up ppl this is mah app...So i hope you enjoy..=)

My real names Andrew and I've only been in this server for 1 and a half months. But still i'm going to try to be a gm lol.

Aim: SmartCake0

I am also 13 and i'm childish lol well i should be the way i am.
About me:
Most of the times i'm playful, energetic, and cool(not cool as in like gangsta just like friendly and stuff). I don't really get mad to often and when i do i really don't know what happens O.o. I like to meet new people and enjoy talking with them. I like songs if u guys have noticed.. lol i sing all the time. I like CAKE and PIZZA. If you get to know me i'm really kind, generous, and cool. Maybe not cool but still i'll make a good friend to you unless you get me pissed somehow which will nvr work O.o. So thats all about me now my app info.. LOOK DOWN..


I will help the server in all kinds of ways i can. For example:

-Advertise the server in a video format and ask my friends to join.
-Catch hackers and tell other gm's about it.
-Throw events if the other gm's consider doing one.
-Try to help others about dcing, lagg, and etc.
-Try to cheer people up and help them with their problems if they want to talk to me.
-Talk to people and let them know this server is great(in a happy tone).
-Be the best gm i can be.
-Be a good model for the server.

Have i been a gm before?

-well i have been a gm in my server once.(it got shut down)


-I will ask the other gms for help since they have more experience then me.
-Never abuse the power of a gm.
-Don't make fun of other people and be nice-ALWAYS-
-As i said before i will help the server in all the ways i can.

So this is my app. If it sucks then o well i tried =). Well thanks for wasting some of your time for me thank you =).


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S3xyLeaf's APP Empty Re: S3xyLeaf's APP

Post by Blank on Fri Jan 23, 2009 3:46 pm

um... U didn't follow the GM app format. Evil or Very Mad

- Blank.
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