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Post by Cure on Fri Jan 23, 2009 3:25 am

IGN: Cure. IRL: George

Age: [/color]

New Zealand (born in england though)Contact:


MSN: ( if you have)

Applying for: GM, Forum mod.

General questions
Previous Staff Experience:

i was a GM on a server called Ecco MS. there was hardly any people at all and i didnt have to do much at all.


Have you ever played retail MapleStory? And if so How long? I played real maple story for ages but i got bored at about lvl 110 so i quit i only log in sometimes my ign was Snottysteve my sister plays on it now and i think its lvl 115 or 116.

How much do you know about MapleStory?
i dont know ummm HEAPS!!!! which is one of the reasons i would make a good gm.

How do you think you will help and improve our community:
1.I will be able to advertise in all servers and not worry about being banned.
2. I have played loadssss of private servers so i know different ways of helping and hosting events etc.
3. i am friendly so new people will feel comfortable.
4. i HATE HACKERS i meen whats the point... a high rate server with a high money drop so what the hell ???
5. i THink i know all of the customized npc's so i think i would be able to help players who need items. for example... Duey(sroll seller) Mad bunny (skill maxer) the fairys sell the job equips other than NANA H who sells nx.
6. When players ask me where to train i have a good knowlege of mosters like... in fm 1 the big blue mushrooms, fm3 pap, fm 18 the big orange mushrooms, FM20 skelegons, FM 22 the blue dragons, fm 10 the headless horsemen and etc tec ...
7. i think i will be able to hold better, more organized jump quest events because the events atm arent very organized.

Are you willing to spend your time to come on the server regulary:
Yes i already play quite a bit to help new players and introduce them to the server

If so how long can you spend online a day:
I spend about 5-6 hours a day on about 2 in the morning and 3-4 in the afternoon when there are no gm's on at all other than serena who is afk lol.

Other Information:
I am dedicated to the server which i play often. i lived in england for 13 years so i know a vierty of cultures because i live in new zealand now. i have invited three people to the serer personaly and i have been banned from karma and newslinkyMS for advertising LoveStory. Also i have been playing this server for AGES not love story but destinyMS aswell. I am helpfull which max knows because he gave me the GM case for helping new players AND guarding the npc that sold the GM item's

Weird fact about me:
i like pie?? lol oh and i can do this wierd belly thing so thats pretty cool Very Happy

Ty for reading my app. Wish me luck

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Cures GM app Empty i used the format from the other forum?

Post by Cure on Fri Jan 23, 2009 3:31 am

i used the format from the other forum is that ok ?? (nicks forum)


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Cures GM app Empty Re: Cures GM app

Post by Blank on Fri Jan 23, 2009 3:48 pm

Anyways, GL

- Blank.
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