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Cyril's GM APP Empty Cyril's GM APP

Post by iCyril on Sat Jan 24, 2009 11:41 am

Real life name/Name you want to be called by:
Cyril, Cyril is fine...


Location/Timezone: GMT -5

Time spent online: At the most I'll spend 5-7 hours playing MapleStory on a normal day.

Applying for: (In-game GM/Forum Moderator/Web Desginer/Coder):
Web Designer or In-game GM. Which ever, I'm able to host a website with my computer and I can give it a custom URL to make it easier to get too.

LoveStory in-game name(s) (If any): Cyril

Reason to join the team/Why you should be chosen:
I think I should be chosen to be a gm on this server, because I've played MapleStory close to 4 years now. I know most of the GM commands, and I think I can make a better website for you.

What does being a GM mean to you: To me, being a GM means making sure nobody Hacks, keeping people in line. Also, it means giving everyone that plays the server a good time.

Experience (Show work if designer/coder, list servers if GM and prove it): I was a GM on a server called RiggedMS which is closed now. I've learned most of the GM commands overtime. I think I know enough html coding to build a website.

Contact information (Email/AIM/MSN):

Personal information/Hobbies (Optional):
I've play MapleStory for the fun of it. I play soccer, and guitar( in the process of learning atleast...)

Last words:
I think that I would be a great addition to this server, and if my App is accepted I will be really active on it. I think I could make you a great website it might take me awhile, but I think that you will enjoy it.
~Thanks for reading my app, and I look forward to meeting everyone.

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Cyril's GM APP Empty Re: Cyril's GM APP

Post by Blank on Sat Feb 07, 2009 9:33 pm

Show a SS of u being a GM
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